an interview with the teenagers

Following the recent release of The Teenagers album ‘Reality Check’ and their current world tour, tso caught up with Quentin Delafon from the band and had a quick chat..

How are you guys, what have you been up to?
We were in Russia we played Moscow and St Petersburg. Really cool crowds, it's really another world over there but yeah we met nice Russian peeps.

What's the story of The Teenagers? How did you meet and start the band?
We've been friends for years to start with then one night - Xmas Eve - we were drunk and decided to do a song/a band/a Myspace profile.

Your lyrics are intelligent and quirky? What inspires the music?
Sex, love, party, vodka, summer, puberty, Red Bull, ham rollz, Swedish girls...

Tell us a little bit about 'Reality Check'
It's our album, the 1st one... We never thought we would have an album out when we started! Sounds lame but sooo true. It's a very spontaneous and fresh album and its good too if you can handle the French accent and overall French sleaziness...

I hear that you're band was originally a joke. What does it feel like to gain the success that you have?
It's cool when it's unexpected

Your song ‘Starlett Johansson’ is obviously about Scarlett Johansson, have you actually met her before or after the song was released?
No, never but maybe its better like that. Imaginary lovers are always better... kind of.

If you could work with anyone in the world, who would it be?
m83’s Anthony Gonzales <3 (

What would you be doing if The Teenagers did not exist?
Erm boring jobs... The question is what would people do?

What's next for you guys?
Japan, European summer festivals and a 2nd album!

You can hear The Teenagers on their myspace
Check out their blog for a journal of their tour… in pictures..

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an interview with matt irwin

tso recently caught up with photographer Matt Irwin for a chat..

Hi Matt, how are you?
Yeah I'm good thanks

When did you realise you wanted to become a photographer?
I was about 17 I guess, so much funny stuff happening around me, never wanted it to end, a way of keeping it and people alive.

Most memorable shoot you worked on?
Naomi Campbell, enough said....

You’ve snapped the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Cory Kennedy, Agyness Deyn, Alice Dellal and Natasha Poly to name a few. Who would you love to photograph?
Francis Bean and loads of others!!

What are you currently working on?
Shooting the next cover of Dazed and a story for Russian Vogue and V Magazine.

If you were to have another photographer take your photo, who would it be?
Alasdair McClellan, hes' fit.

If you weren’t taking photos what would you be doing?
Working in Tesco? or dead, either one.

And finally, what’s next for you?
Money, facelift, divorce, you know, the usual.