The show was held at White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, an amazing location for the show. The models walked in pairs, with hype about Jennifer Hawkins modelling... whatever really. She became boring when she popped up on everything Myer related. Other than that the collection was interesting - the thing I liked most was being so incredibly close that I could feel the fabrics as the models brushed past. I adored the incorporation of the clear pink top layered subtly over a shirt dress - making the dress look plastic like. The collection could have been more coherent rather it had a bit of everything merged slightly with the label's trademark aesthetics. And also, she does menswear now? Cool bananas.


Pretty much the most anticipated show for RAFW is Dion Lee's... There have been mixed reviews and I'd have to admit I am mildly disappointed by the collection. It is nothing as ground breaking as the previous two RAFW shows, though peaking early has served the designer well. The collection featured Dion Lee's impeccable tailoring and surgical precision. But after seeing that a few times, the wow factor dims down a little. The slits on the already mini skirts reached record highs... darling, I can see your undies. I really doubt I could walk out in one of these and not experience some form of sexual harassment. Having said all of this, it was still more interesting than many other shows I have seen this week. It wasn't a bad collection, I think it's because expectations from Dion Lee are set so soaringly high.



Possibly my favourite collection so far. A super pretty colour palette of powder blue, blush pink, black and white. There were flowing floor length dresses as well as cool minis. Sheer fabrics and draping made for a really relaxed range which was simple, minimalist and breathtakingly beautiful. I will definitely be investing my dollars in the Michael Lo Sordo direction.