Agree or disagree if you will, but I have attempted to order these outfits from the Met's 2011 Costume Institute Gala in order of best to worst. 

Definitely not the most outrageous outfit but certainly beautiful.

Liv Tyler in Givenchy Haute Couture. Fantastic.

Brooklyn Decker looks a treat with her simple, eye catching number by Michael Kors. I love the thigh high slits these days.

ADR is that an egg on your head?

I don't rate these two red gowns because they match the carpet. I don't know... carpet isn't exactly something I want to blend in with.


Isabel Lucas has made some questionable fashion choices, not sure if the accessories convince me.

Elegant but also super boring.

Something about this look reminds me of a butterfly being strangled in a web.

There is way too much strap going on here.

Stella straight from the Happy Feet premiere.

Oh shit, this is not the ballet? 

The only thing missing from this Florence's outfit is a halo.

Images from Wire Image

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