an interview with stephanie carta

Stephanie Carta one of Australia's top models to hit the international modelling scene. She has worked for the likes of Balenciaga, Givenchy, Dries van Noten, Bruno Pieters, Jil Sander, Costume National, Alberta Ferretti, Paul Smith and Phi to name a few.

tso caught up with her for a chat...

Stephanie Carta

1. Hey how are you??
I am great thanks! I am in Spain, just finished an amazing shoot for PARADIS magazine, with a really great crew. Here staying in Seville until tomorrow, when I return to London, to have my last hurrah with my new found english boys and aussie girls crew, before heading to Milan...

2. How did you get started?
Someone referred me to see an agent in brisbane whilst I was still in high school there... I did and the response was good. It was about finishing high school for me at that time though, which I did, and then made the move to Sydney instead of starting university to test it out..

3. Best jobs so far?
God right now I'd have to say this one! In the most amazing location and life seems surprisingly too easy for work, after the torture of coming through my first fashion week season. But also going to Bhutan in the Himalayas with Australia Vogue is very high at the top of my list... It was such an amazing experience to be able to venture into a part of the world like that, and nice people to work with too..

4. You worked exclusively for Balenciaga how does that feel?
It's so amazing. It was such hard work at the time, and was prolonged work, I think before my first show with them I spent around 5 months in and out of there.
Nicolas is a fashion genius and being interested it was quite an experience to see him at work. Having each item made onto me from pinned fabric, to final piece. Despite hard work on my behalf too I am so appreciative that they requested I spend so much time in there, and their loyalty. Every person I worked with I now see about Paris, it's cool.

5. Any cool gifts?
Not a lot in general. But the week before my first show with Balenciaga, I was presented with two amazing bags from Nicolas, I almost cried!! Since then, after my fitting of the last show, I got to have a pick at lots of stuff from there and I felt so privilidged. Also I can’t forgot the scarf Dries van Noten gave us for doing their show in Paris too, although silly me lost it in LeBaron not long after haha..

6. What’s your personal style?
My personal style is different every day. I'd say off the top of my head, alot of vintage, always, and the other three main things I wear are Ksubi, Balenciaga and Nathan Smith. I've been descibed lately as having Raf Symonds style, but also tomboy and hippy.. so iIguess depends what day you see me.. I always usually dress in something quite comfortable and easy to get off at the same time haha...

7. Favourite shopping destinations?
London: vintage at the markets, Paris: vintage at Place de Clichy or in the Marais (not giving away name!), Sydney: Ksubi or on Crown Street (vintage).

8. Beauty tips?
Have fun! Live life with lots of love and express yourself. Knowing about nutrition and what you put into your body helps a lot. Try to sleep. Dont smoke, but I do. If you do one bad thing try balance with some good things too. I haven't exercised for too long. And eat a burger every now and then for fun.

9. What’s next for you?
Wow ok. Things are just going to get even crazier. I go back to London tomorrow night, try to speed pack all my hoarded clothes with my friend Lauren (Brown) hopefully give half of them to her..
Then spend my last hours until the following night with my new english boyfriends, and Tiah (Eckhardt) and Lauren (Brown), doing as many crazy things as we can pack in until I have to walk onto the plane.
Where I'm going to Milan, to spend the next two weeks trying to fit some work in, so far Moschino and Alberta Ferretti lookbooks are my first two jobs.
God knows what else there or posibly be in NYC, but have to make sure im in Paris by Dec 11 to take my flight back to Sydney FINALLY!
I'll stay at a friends place there, me and all my amazing aussie mates are supposedly going to have some massive parties, and am actually going to visit Brisbane to see family for Christmas for the first time in two years!
Spend NYE in Sydney, collect all my vintage from the cities it is in Australia, and then in January go back to start the crazy madness of round two show season, snowing version. I'm then after going to be based in New York is the general plan.......

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